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Giving Tuesday


Come onboard and help us this Giving Tuesday to reach our goal of $13,450

Giving Tuesday 2019

$3,205 of $13,450 raised
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Donation Total: $50.00

This Giving Tuesday we set our sights on raising money for our sports and reading programs for 2020. Our sports program has proven to be invaluable. For children who sometimes have little to look forward to and are not celebrated, our tennis and dance programs have provided our kids with so much joy and put them in a position to shine.
We want to expand our reading program next year to include the Accelerated Reading Program. In Rwanda we don’t have that culture of having books at home and reading to children. This greatly hinders a child’s ability to read and comprehend as he/she progress in school. We want to change the culture around reading for our kids…giving them access to books, people to read with them and an after school program that focuses on reading and comprehension.
We are super excited about 2020 and the plans that we have. Please consider making a donation on Giving Tuesday to help theses dreams become a reality!

Giving Tuesday Request Breakdown:

Reading Program : $3,000 – This will provide us with the AR program for one year and training for our teachers on how to use the program to best benefit Hagari children.

Tennis: $5,600 – This will provide salary for 2 tennis coaches, giving our children access to play multiple times a week all year long; transportation to the stadium; some equipment needs; and provide the opportunity to participate in a tournament if one is available.

Karate and Gymnastics: $2,500 – This amount would allow us to hire one Karate and Gymnastics instructor for the year, giving our children the ability to learn Karate and Gymnastics multiple times a week year round, in addition it would give us funds to buy some equipment and sports attire for the children.

Traditional Dance: $2,350 – Traditional Dance is something that several of our children excel in and really enjoy. This amount allows us to pay two dance teachers to work with our children year round and to buy some traditional clothes that they wear to perform in, as well as some drums.