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Wish List

We are always dreaming of better ways to help and ways to continue to help those we work with.  Below is a list of things that we would love to have funding for so that we can better serve.  If you want to help us with anything on our list please get in touch with us, or pay directly below


I know this isn’t very exciting and may not feel like a significant contribution to the children of Rwanda. But the truth is we CANNOT operate without an office space. We have to have a place to work from, to meet with families and to tutor kids. Our office space costs $475 a month.

Pay a Teacher or Two!

As we have been working with the kids in this community for 10 years now we have noticed a huge deficiency in reading. Most children read well below “grade level” and many struggle to read and comprehend at all. We are always looking for ways to encourage our kids to read and to help them improve their skills, and most importantly, develop a love of reading. We will be implementing the Accelerated Reading Program, but in addition to that we need to employ two teachers to help address their learning gaps in reading. We would like to be able to pay each teacher $250 a month.

Reading Incentive Program!

We are so thankful to be able to start our reading program this year! We would like to be able to offer an incentive program to keep the kids motivated and to reward them as they meet their goals and improve their reading. $200 a month will help us offer rewards as the kids reach their reading goals!

Breakfast Club – FUNDED! *Will only need more funds if we add more kids to the program.

Without the Breakfast Club nearly all our children would go to school with an empty stomach which severely reduces their ability to focus on school.  To feed our sponsor kids breakfast every day and it will cost $350 a month.

Tennis Program – FULLY FUNDED FOR 2021!!!

Our kids love to play tennis and it is so wonderful to see them out on the courts playing and learning so much about themselves and commitment.  Over the last couple years several of our kids have developed into pretty good little tennis players. This sport has been life giving for them. For 2021 our plans for tennis will change a bit. Because of the closing of the courts we used to play on, transport will be a huge financial burden as well as consume a lot of time. Our kids have very long days at school so we will need to use motos to transport them to and from practice (otherwise they could spend up to 3 hours taking buses to and from practice). This is costly. For our younger players we are looking for a place close by to put some pop-up nets so that they can participate as well. The following is a general breakdown of the expenses for our tennis program for 2021. Any amount contributed will be much appreciated!

2 Coaches – ($400 a month) $4,800

Transport – ($375 a month) $4,500

Equipment – (String, grips and balls only) $1,750

Tournaments – $1,200

Total – $12,250

  • Our hope is to build our own tennis courts in the coming years. This would eliminate the cost of transportation and give our kids more opportunities to play.