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Wish List

We are always dreaming of better ways to help and ways to continue to help those we work with.  Below is a list of things that we would love to have funding for so that we can better serve.  If you want to help us with anything on our list please get in touch with us, or pay directly below


Breakfast club

We would love to find a way that we can give our kids something to eat in the morning.  Nearly all our children come to school with an empty stomach which severely reduces their ability to focus on school.  To feed our sponsor kids breakfast every day and it will cost $350 US a month.


Pay a tutor

Our kids really do need as much help as possible at school, and the best way apart from starting a whole new school is to give them tutoring.  This costs us $100 (US/month) which covers  15 kids 2 times a week.


Tennis program for one month

Our kids love to play tennis and it is so wonderful to see them out on the courts playing tennis and learning so much about themselves and commitment.  For us to hire a coach for the 30 kids it cost us $350/month for 2 lessons a week


Kinyarwandan dance lessons

Our kids have really enjoyed learning Rwandan dance, and it has been great to show them more about their own culture.  For us to provide more lessons for the 40 kids three times a week it will cost us $150/month.


Mattresses for the family

Most of our families just sleep on ground and many don’t have even a mattress to share between the whole family.   For $100 US you could help us buy three mattresses for a family.


Office furniture

If you were to come into our office you would be shocked at the numerous boxes, bags, piles, of items we have to keep stored on chairs, or on the ground.  It would be so wonderful to have some more shelves that would allow us to store thing to reduce the clutter in the office as well as in our brains.  $300 US for a cupboard with doors.


Care packages for street workers

When we are working and talking to street workers we would love to give them a practical kit for them to use to show that we care. 10 care packages would cost $100US.


A sewing business

We would love to add two women to our sowing program but to do that we need both a sowing machine and some education, both schoos based and hands on practical training.  The sewing machine costs $150 and the training costs $400