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Sponsorship Payment Options

What is the Freedom Fund?

The Freedom Fund is Let’s Do Something Now’s sponsorship program.  As a ministry, we rely on the local government to identify women who are or have been in prostitution, and whose children are in desperate need of sponsorship. Once this information is received, our purpose is to match the child with a person(s) who understands the importance of the opportunity for an education. We hope that by using this method, there will soon be a positive difference in the poverty cycle that plagues Rwanda.

What Does Sponsorship Include?

When you sponsor a child you are paying for one year of education for him/her, including all school fees, materials, school uniforms, a healthy lunch on school days and health insurance for the entire family. Most Hagari kids live in such extreme poverty that they only eat one meal a day; therefore we have recently added a feeding program which provides a much needed lunch for the children. We encourage sponsors to commit to long-term sponsorship of their child and to establish a personal relationship with him/her. We facilitate that by emailing you updates about your child several times a year and passing on letters, emails, pictures and packages that you send if you would like. A child who is sponsored also receives at least 3 hours of tutoring/mentoring each week. In addition, Hagari hosts a child’s Bible study once a week and does Bible Day Camps during the school holidays.When a child is sponsored the ministry takes an interest not only in the sponsored child, but the entire family. The mother or caregiver is welcome to attend our bible study and we visit them regularly to encourage, pray, mentor, and assess the needs of the family.

What Does Sponsorship Cost?

650 USD per year. This can be paid monthly, or in full. Let’s Do Something Now is a registered Non-profit organization therefore your sponsorship or donations are tax deductible.

Children Currently Available for Sponsorship

Nikuze Alice – November 26, 1999

Alice, nicknamed Kazungu, is a young woman with a bright future. She has worked hard in school and dreams of going to University.  Kazungu has four siblings and was raised by a single mom. The price of going to University is simply out of their reach. We are looking for four sponsors of $500 USD a year to cover Kazungu’s University fees. Would you consider joining us to make this dream a reality?

Mugisha Kelly – July 1, 2012

Mugisha is the second born child to a wonderful young lady named Dusabe. Dusabe is a seamstress and works in a small local shop and also is part of a cooperative which sells items abroad. She is a hard worker but the demands of the family and are a lot and finding enough money to send Mugisha to a nice school is difficult.  Mugisha is five years old now and is eager to start school.

Murerwa Angel


Kevin Ishimwe – March 25, 2005

Kevin, a 12 year old boy who lives in Samanduha, has been working as a shepherd in order to help his mom provide for the family. His mom, Rehema Munganyinka, is 37 years old and works as a casual laborer. Her husband died several years ago. Kevin’s dream is to go to a nice school because he understands the importance of getting a good education so he will be able to take care of his family in the future.

Farrah Uwimana –  September 9, 2002

Farrah is the daughter of who we know as Momma Mugisha! Farrah has been attending Primary school at the government school in Busanza. She has been working hard and we would like to reward her and her family with sponsorship for Secondary school. Momma Mugisha has three children and works as a cook for the ministry, cooking lunch for the children.

Jille Mukunzi – March 29, 2011

Mukunzi is the youngest child born to Clementine Uwizeyimana. Clementine is one of our artisans who weave baskets. She is paid a fair trade wage but because there is not yet a consistent market for the baskets it is extremely difficult for her to find the funds to provide Mukunzi with a good education.

Lucky Ishimwe – April 9, 2012


Uwimana Alice – 14, July 2013

Alice is the only child born to Mediatrise Mushimiyimana  who is  24 years old. Mediatrise and her daughter live in Busanza, an area on the outskirts of Kigali where many of the families we work with live. Mediatrise formerly worked in prostitution. She gave that up and now works construction sites, mostly hauling mud, water, concreate and bricks. It’s a very difficult job for little pay.

Igihozo Pria – August 26, 2013

Pria is the only daughter born to Uwase Valerie who is 20 years old. Valeria is from the Western part of Rwanda, an area called Kibuye. At the age of 12 she began working as a house girl. At 15 she moved to Kigali where she also worked as a house girl until she got pregnant. Since then she has worked in prostitution. Please consider sponsoring Pria and offering an education and a hope for her future.

Kirenga Aime Christain –  December 23, 2011

Aime is a six year old boy born out of prostitution. His mom, Mushimiyimana Grace, is from Butare in Southern Rwanda. Often people from outside of Kigali (the village) come to Kigali in hopes of finding work. Grace came when she was 18 years old. Unable to find work she turned to prostitution. Please consider providing an education for her son, Aime, so that he can have hope for his future.

Moise Ihirwe Manzi – July 6, 2014

On the night of his birth Moise was abandoned at the hospital. The next morning the local government contact Nakabonye Annonciatha to see if she would be willing to take him in. Nakabonye, otherwise known as Momma Yvonne, already had 4 children of her own and 3 children who had been orphaned or abandoned that she had taken in. She gladly agreed and has been a mother to Moise since he was one day old. Please consider supporting Moise’s education so that we can share the load with Momma Yvonne!

Louis Nyirampeta – December 28, 1996

Louis is a bright young lady from Kigali who is in her last year of Secondary School. Her parents own a very small shop selling food and other items. Her dad also works as a casual labor when work is available. They are very hard workers and wonderful people. Louis spends her evenings and weekends helping her parents run the shop.  Her mom and dad have worked very hard to provide Louis with a Primary and Secondary education, but University is simply out of their reach. We are looking for 4 sponsors of $500 USD a year to cover Louis’ University fees. Would you consider joining us to make this dream a reality?

Gedeo Kwitonda – January 12, 1997

Gedeo is a young man from the Western Province of Kigali.  His parents separated when he was younger and he has been living with his dad and step mom. This year he was forced to drop out of school because his parents could not afford to continue paying his school fees. Gedeo walked more than 90 miles to reach Kigali so he could look for work. Fred found him sleeping outside of my gate one morning and took him in. Gedeo has 3 years left to finish Secondary School.

Erik Muhawenayo – 2010