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Sewing Artisans

Meet our Artisans!

Saidat Uwamahoro

Uwamahoro Saidat is a mother of five, one of whom is adopted, Shafi, Sharifu, Fridaus, Ashirafu and Dianne. She is from an area in Kigali called Nyamirambo. Her husband is a driver with an inconsistent income. Before she had sewing training, she had no job. She loves being able to provide for her family with her new job and spending time with the other sewing mommas.

Dansilah Mushimiyimana

Mushimiyimana Dansilah is married with two children, Crystella and Sarah. She is from Gitarama in the western province of Rwanda. Her husband is a casual laborer and works at construction sites. Dansilah had no job prior to completing the sewing training through Hagari Rwanda. Now she can help provide for her family. She loves God and likes to pray and read her Bible.

Florence Dusabe

Florence Dusabe has two children, Kellia and Mugisha. She lives with her mother, Mukaruzamba Francais, two brothers and her children. She is from Kigali, the capital city, where Hagari Rwanda is based. Dusabe was unable to finish high school and has since been searching for ways to make ends meet. She was invited to participate in a six month sewing training through Hagari Rwanda. Now she makes items to sell through Hagari Rwanda as well as clothes to sell locally to provide for her family. She loves to dance and read books in her free time.

Francais Mukaruzamba

Mukaruzamba Francais has five children and three grandchildren. She lives with her daughter, Florence Dusabe, two of her sons and two grandchildren. She is from Kigali, but used to be a farmer in the village. Francais has several business ventures; with the help of Hagari’s micro-loan program she buys food and sells it at her house; she also owns property and rents it out to multiple families; and she now creates hot pads from bottle caps to sell through Hagari Rwanda. With this work, she is able to provide for her rather large household.

Jeanne Muhawenimana

Muhawenimana Jeanne has three daughters, Clarissa, Alice and Aline. She is from Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. She used to do casual work as a house help while her husband tried to find work at construction sites. However it wasn’t enough to provide for the family. Now she cooks lunch every day for the school children in the ministry. While waiting for the beans to boil or the children to arrive for lunch Momma Clarissa enjoys making hot pads from bottle caps. This allows her family to have a more steady income. She is an extremely reserved person, but if you watch carefully you might be lucky enough to catch her dancing!

Christine Nyirasafari

Nyirasafari Christine is a mother of seven, and grandmother of six. She lives with three of her children and two grandchildren. Having lived her whole life in Kigali, she has endured some challenging times trying to take care of such a large family. Christine, otherwise know as Momma Boy, makes hot pads for Hagari Rwanda to help supplement her income. She has been described as an entrepreneur and is currently part owner of a salon. She loves sports and supporting local Rwandan soccer teams.

Liberata Mukayiranga

Mukayiranga Liberata is a mother of three, Erick, Jean Baptiste and Adeline. She is from Gitarama in the western province of Rwanda. She lost both of her parents during the genocide and as a result has very little education. Even though she has a part time job cooking lunch for the children in Hagari’s sponsorship program, she looks for ways to supplement her income. One way she does this is by selling second hand clothes on the streets at night. The other way is by sewing hot pads and selling them through Hagari Rwanda. She loves fashion and always compliments people on their wardrobe choices.

Consolee Murerwa

Murerwa Consolee lives with her two kids, Arnold and Ethan, and her mother who requires some help as she suffers from severe diabetes and lost one leg as a result. She was born in Uganda and is the only momma among Hagari  women who was able to attend and finish high school. Murerwa has inconsistent work, but as the first born in her family the burden of taking care of the family falls on her. Making hot pads and selling them through Hagari Rwanda is an excellent way to supplement the income she has. Fun fact: Murerwa Consolee is a very good tennis player.

Claudine Mukandutiye

Mukandutiye Claudine is a mother of three, Desiree, Francine and Soreye. She is from Gisenye in the northwest, Mountain region of Rwanda. Previously she did casual work in construction and as a house help. Now she cooks lunch every day for the children in the school ministry and makes bottle top hot pads. This job allows her to provide basic needs for her children. She loves dancing and singing and is great with little children.

Chantal Mukashyaka

Mukashyaka Chantal has three kids, Delphine, Ivan and Mireille. She is from Butare, in the southern province of Rwanda. Momma Macha, as we call her, has had a steady job as a house help for three years. To increase her income she learned to make hot pads. She is never seen without a smile and dreams of one day owning a restaurant.