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Weaving Artisans

Meet our Artisans!

Mukunduhirwe Florence

Mukunduhirwe Florence is wonderful mother of five kids, Ariane, Josiane, Naomie, Emelyne and Blandine. We call her Momma Iyera. She is from Musanze, in the north part of Rwanda. Before learning to weave baskets through Hagari Rwanda, she did casual work such as making bricks and carrying water. The work was inconsistent, very difficult and did not provide enough to support her family. She now makes baskets and is able to provide for her family. Momma Iyera has a happy spirit about her and loves to dance and sing her heart out.

Vestine Nyirarkundo

Nyirarukundo Vestine is married and has two children named Josiane and Obama. She is from Gikongoro in Southwest Rwanda. Her husband does contract construction work and before taking the training to learn basket weaving with Hagari, she did not have a job. Now she is able to help support her children by weaving baskets and has started a small business selling charcoal through the Hagari Mircro-Loan Program. Momma Josiane loves playing games with her family!
Nyiramana Libertha

Nyiramana Libertha has three kids, Carine, Francoise and Oliver. She is from Gitarama, in the western province of Rwanda. Momma Francoise, as we know her, used to depend solely on construction and agriculture work to provide for her kids. This type of work is very strenuous and pays very little. The money she earns through basket weaving helps sustain her family. Nyiramana Libertha loves to sing and spend time with her friends.

Stella Ingabire

Ingabire Stella is married with three children, Kevin, Kevine and Kent. She is from Mutara, in the eastern province of Rwanda. She used to sell second hand clothes on the street at night, which is illegal and dangerous. Now that she has a job weaving baskets with Hagari, she can spend time with her family at night while providing for them safely. Her favorite animal is the cow because she loves milk and beef!

Claudine Ingabire

Ingabire Claudine, otherwise known as Momma Ndolimana, has three children named Eric, Claudine and Gatesi. She is from Butare in the southern province. After she and her husband separated she went into prostitution to provide for her children. By weaving baskets, she has been able to leave prostitution yet continue providing for her kids. She loves to dance and working with the other ladies has encouraged her immensely.

Janette Ituze

Ituze Janette has four children, Fabiola, Queen, Fiona and Happy. She lost both of her parents in the 1994 genocide. After the genocide she and her brother were found in Cyangugu, near the border of The Democratic Republic of Congo, but Janette does not know if she was born there or not. She did not have the opportunity to go to school and at the young age of 16 she found herself in prostitution, trying to get enough money just to eat. For years she tried to find other sources of income and basket weaving was her way to fnally leave prostitution. She can now provide for her children in a more sustainable and safe way. Ituze Janette loves football and dreams of traveling.

Sophie Nyiransabimana

Nyiransabimana Sophie has four daughters, Aline, Alice, Alliane and Rachel. She is from Gitarama, a section of Rwanda’s western province. Before basket weaving, Momma Aline had casual work that was not very consistent. Along with weaving, she also started a charcoal business through the Hagari micro-loan program. Now she can provide for her kids and pay rent on their house. She likes all types of food and especially enjoys spending time with her kids.

Uwizeyimana Clementine

Uwizeyimana Clementine is a mother of two, Jamila and Jules. She is from Butare, a part of southern Rwanda. Her husband does not earn enough to support them, so she used to sell fruits and vegetables on the streets, however this is illegal and she could have gone to jail. Now that she weaves baskets with Hagari Ministries, she has a safe and steady job that helps provide for her family. She loves her job and also loves to eat.

Nyiransabimana Gaudance

Nyiransabimana Gaudance has four children, Diane, David, Esteri and Yosefa. She is from Busanza, an area in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. She used to do casual construction and agricultural work, but it was not regular. She now weaves baskets with Hagari Rwanda. With the help of Hagari’s micro-loan program, she also bought a bike, which she uses to transport and sell water. She is now much more able to provide for her children. Her favorite foods are rice, bananas and potatoes.

Nyiracumi Cecile

Nyiracumi Cecile has two children, Aline and Sonia. She is from Butare, in the southern province. Before basket weaving, she worked in construction, as a house girl and as a street sweeper, working long hours for very little money. She loves selling her products and now that she works with Hagari Rwanda, she has a better income and can spend more time with her children.

Pendo Jovinan

Pendo Jovinan has one daughter named Keza. She is from Kibungo in the eastern province of Rwanda. She lost both her parents during the genocide. She used to work in prostitution to provide for herself and her daughter. With this new job that she loves, she was able to leave prostitution and continue providing for her daughter.

Mukarugwiza Valentine

Mukarugwiza Valentine (Kabibi) is the leader of the weaving program. She is from Cyangugu in the southwest of Rwanda. She lost her husband and both her children in the genocide of 1994. After the genocide, out of desperation and depression, she found herself entangled in a life of prostitution and drugs. After giving her life to Christ and a miraculous transformation, Kabibi is now a vital member of the Hagari Rwanda team. Working with the women who weave gives her an income and a source of joy. Her favorite food is cooked bananas, known as matoke, a Rwandan and Ugandan specialty.