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Hagari Farming


In 2013 we did some research to see how often the children in our sponsorship program were eating. The results were staggering. Most children were only eating one meal a day and about 20% of them were eating one meal every two to four days. The next year we implemented a feeding program as part of the sponsorship program so that all kids would at least get a healthy lunch every school day. Over time, the prices of food have increased and it has become more challenging to feed the children without raising the sponsorship cost. The decision was made to work with the land that we have available to grow our own food, and at the same time create additional jobs for our families.

Our hope is that this will eventually result in reducing what we spend on food, but more importantly help us to reach more families and provide them with employment and skills so that every dollar we are spending is having a two-fold impact. Currently (less than one year into the farming project) the farm employs two full-time caretakers, 2 part-time moms to work the land, a handful of seasonal workers and provides on average 40 pounds of various vegetables each week to the sponsorship feeding program! 


What are we Growing On the Farm?

Or at least a sample…….





Egg Plants


Passion Fruit

We are building rabbit cages

If you want to know more about the farm, or you want to supoport the work that we are doing then please contact us on our contact page for more information or ways that you can be involved.