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Hagari Staff

Hagari Rwanda Staff

“During my first visit to Rwanda in 2009, I met a young lady who was 14 years old, pregnant and scared. She was born of prostitution, and when she turned 12 her mother forced her to start working as a prostitute. This young lady had never attended school. Unfortunately I met many young ladies who were working in prostitution, none of whom had the opportunity to attend school as a child. The Lord made it clear to me that this was a cycle that could be deterred through education and His Love. Thus began the vision of Hagari Rwanda.”

Hope is an a American living in Kigali Rwanda. She is married to Godfrey Rutagengwa and they have one child, Gatsinzi Bennett Rutagengwa. Hope’s main role in Hagari Rwanda is administrative, but she does enjoy tutoring the children and teaching the ladies on occasion.

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“Between 2006 and 2009 I made several short term mission trips to Rwanda with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). During my stay in 2009 I met two other YWAMers who were passionate about reaching out to young girls in prostitution. One night we went to streets and met one very special lady. We talked with her for a long time and learned that she had no proper education and extreme poverty led her to work in prostitution. She was twenty-three years old and had a five year old son to take care of. Just a few weeks later we met many more young women in prostitution and their children. I saw the need for these people to experience Christ’s love and my heart was moved.”

Fred is a Kenyan, living in Kigali Rwanda. He is married to Trizah and they have a handsome young boy named John. Fred is charged with many jobs within the ministry, including leading children’s ministry, coordinating the feeding program, toilet construction, tutoring and house visits.

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Trizah Mutoko Onoka:
“In late 2011, while on our honeymoon Fred introduced me to his work in Rwanda with women in prostitution. I had the opportunity to visit some of the ladies and their children. My initial thought was that my salary from my full time job in Kenya could help send some kids to school. However, the night before I went back to Kenya the Lord spoke to me directing me to quit my job in Kenya and to move to Rwanda to serve these wonderful people. After all, if I don’t go then who will?”

Trizah is Kenyan and grew up near Nairobi. Since 2012 she has lived with her husband, Fred, in Kigali. They now have a jovial son, John. Trizah’s role includes tutoring, home visits, mentoring and advising women with regard to jobs.

Jules Ceasar (Kagame) Mahingo:
“My first experience with Hagari Rwanda was during their Icyunamo Camp in 2014. When I came, I thought I would only help with the camp then go back to life as usual. That week I met all of the children, moms and staff. God showed me that these children needed to be shown love. Many people only think about the salary when considering a job, but God put it on my heart to help these families. Because of the Lord and these children, I found that this is something I want to give my time to.”

Jules (Kagame) is Rwandese by birth and has lived in Kigali his entire life. Kagame did a Discipleship Training School (Youth With a Mission) in Jinja Uganda and began working with Hagari in 2013. His responsibilities include tutoring, home visits, translation, monitoring Hagari families, toilet construction and deputy legal representative.

Valentine (Kabibi) Mukarugwiza:
“I was reborn in Hagari, this is where I met God and was raised in Him. After I completed my DTS (Discipleship Training School), God gave me a heart to serve with Hagari. I want to serve these families because I know where God has brought me from. I know these ladies and their struggles, I know their children and have watched many of them growing up. If God can change my life, He can change theirs too.”

Valentine (Kabibi) Mukarugwiza is Rwandese. She was born in Kigali and has lived there all her life. Kabibi has four children, two in heaven and two adopted children on earth. Her heart is to be a mother to many. Kabibi did a Discipleship Training School (Youth With a Mission Rwanda) in 2014 and began working with Hagari in 2015. Her responsibilities include assisting with children’s ministry and feeding program, home visits,  and leading the women’s bible study.

Godfrey Rutagengwa
“In 2009 after meeting Hope and hearing her vision and passion for the women and children of Rwanda I was moved by how much she loved them and I felt compelled to help follow up with the families. So during 2010 and in 2011 when I returned from England, I visited the few families in the program. At the time, I had no idea the ministry would become what it is. It has been amazing to see God work over the years, bringing us new families and touching the lives of those we serve. I am so thankful to care this passion with my wife and serve alongside her helping as best I can.”

Godfrey is a Rwandese who grew up with his family in Tanzania. In 1996 they moved back to Rwanda and he has lived there since then. Godfrey did a DTS with Youth With A Mission Rwanda in 2008, and a Reconciliation and Justice School with Youth With A Mission Harpenden in 2011. Godfrey met Hope in 2009 and made her his wife in 2012. They have one precious son, Gatsinzi Bennett Rutagengwa. Godfrey works full-time at Youth With A Mission Rwanda, but manages Hagari’s finances and serves as their legal representative.