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A Heart that keeps on Giving


Entering the simple mud brick house that Annonciata lives in is like most houses in the rural area, there is the familiar smell of cows and domestic animals that surround the back of the simple house with a flat tin roof and small square windows, but the stories and transformation that this place tells is anything but normal.  

Annonciata lives here with her nine children, three of whom are part of the Hagari Rwanda program.  Large families are normal in Rwanda, and even caring for a few extra children is widespread.  But Annonciata, who is a single mother, having five extra children in her care is extra special.  Her heart is one that wants to love and care for others.  She says “Caring for children is my gifting from God´, and it is clearly seem in how she speaks and cares for them. The children under her care have come from various backgrounds, one she found in the gutter as a one day old, others the local government has given to her to care for, while others were being abused at their original homes.  

With the help of Hagari Rwanda, she has been able to attend some small business training, which has opened her mind to the possibilities of investing and creating income.  This philosophy of investing now and waiting to collect the rewards was something new to her.  Annonciata has borrowed money from the Hagari Micro Finance Fund to buy the livestock that roam her yard, as well as build rental houses on her existing land. The first three loans she took have been paid back in fully and she is currently paying on two additional loans from the Hagari Micro Finance Fund.

Recently her heart has been drawn to the long-term problem of two of the children she cares for who were orphaned. Since she has not legally adopted them they will not been entitled to receive an inheritance from the little that she owns. When she went to meet with their extended families they did not want to meet or even discuss these two children.  Annonciata has borrowed 450,000RWF ($530 US) and together with her saving of 150,000RWF ($175 US) has purchased a plot of land in her two children’s name so that they have some security long term.  This money was borrowed from Hagari Micro Finance Fund and Annonciata is currently slowly paying it back.

While these major changes have been happening to how she lives, the biggest impact has happened inside Annonciata’s heart.  Through the love and work she has accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour.  This new strength and joy has flowed into how she cares for family and accepts  more children into her care.

As she looks forward into the future she dreams of providing better care of her family by owning a house with a fence and a gate, but more important than that she desires to continue seeking God knowing that all she does is from His strength and without Him nothing she dreams is possible.

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