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About Hagari Rwanda

What is Hagari Rwanda?

Hagari Rwanda is a ministry to women in prostitution and their children. Through the love of Christ, at Hagari we seek to restore the lives of women who have worked in prostitution and to discontinue the cycle within the family. In Rwanda, most of these women are not able to afford the cost of school for their children; therefore the children often find themselves following in the footsteps of their mothers. In order to break the cycle of poverty and prostitution we offer a sponsorship program called The Freedom Fund.

Part of YWAM

Hagari is a ministry of Youth With a Mission (YWAM) Rwanda, and together we are working together to extend the kindom of God.
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How Did We Start?

In July of 2009 two of the founders of Hagari were in Rwanda with Youth With a Mission. One night they went to the streets to see the areas of town that women in prostitution worked. The Lord urged them to pick up one of the girls they saw. They spent several hours that night talking to that young lady and learned many things about her including her past, her family, her dreams, and why she was working on the streets. At the end of the night they handed her 5,000 francs (the equivalence of $10) and promised to visit her and her son the next week. They continued to visit her weekly over the next several months. Several weeks later, they learned that the morning of the night they met her, the young lady was having a particularly hard time and spent time crying out to a God that she did not even believe in, asking Him to change her life.

This young lady desired to attend beauty school in order to learn a trade in which she could work to provide for herself and her son. Hagari Rwanda was able to find a sponsor to send her to beauty school and another sponsor to send her five year old son to school.

The Lord used this young lady and several others in similar situations to stir the hearts of a few people who would later move to Rwanda and pioneer a ministry called Hagari Rwanda.

The name Hagari comes from the story of Hagar (Hagari in ikinyarwanda) in Genesis 16. God heard the cries of Hagar when she was wandering in the wilderness and He answered her. Today God hears the criesof women all over the world and He answers them as well.

What Do We Do?

Much of what Hagari does falls under the sponsorship program, The Freedom Fund. Hagari relies on the local government to identify women who are or have been in prostitution, and whose children are in desperate need of sponsorship. When a child is taken into the sponsorship program he or she is enrolled at a local Christian school called Arise and Shine. If this is not ideal, or they have already finished primary school we find a  other school to attend until the finish.  The child is given all materials needed for school and school uniforms, all children in the household and one caregiver are given health insurance, and lunch is provided on school days. Primary school aged children are tutored at least twice a week and we have a weekly bible study for the children who are sponsored. A vital part of our ministry to the women and the children are home visits. Each family is visited regularly so that we may connect on a deeper level with the family. In addition we hold a bible study bi-weekly which is open to anyone.

One area our families live in, Busanza, is still rather undeveloped and sanitation is very poor. Often more than five families use one outhouse which is usually in terrible condition. Over the last two and a half years we have worked with the community to build fifteen toilets.

Since most women have little to no education, it is very difficult for them to find any job. Therefore, income generating projects and job creation for the women who desire to leave prostitution is another area we are working in, go look at the shop.

Where Do We Work?

Hagari Rwanda is based in Kigali Rwanda. The families we serve live in Giporoso, Samanduha andBusanza (all areas of Kigali).