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What is the Freedom Fund?

The Freedom Fund is Hagari Rwanda’s child sponsorship program. As a ministry, we rely on the local government to identify women who are or have been in prostitution, and whose children are in desperate need of sponsorship, or families that are living in extreme poverty. Once this information is received, we seek to match the child with a sponsor who understands the importance of the opportunity for an education. We find that by using this method, we make a real positive difference in the poverty cycle that plagues Rwanda.

What Does Sponsorship Include?

When you sponsor a child you are paying for one year of education for him/her, including all school fees, materials, school uniforms, a healthy lunch on school days and health insurance for the entire family. Most Hagari kids live in such extreme poverty that they only eat one meal a day; therefore a feeding program which provides a much needed lunch for the children is an essential part of our sponsorship program. We encourage sponsors to commit to long-term sponsorship of their child and to establish a personal relationship with him/her. We facilitate that by emailing you updates about your child several times a year and passing on letters, emails, pictures and packages that you send if you would like. Hagari hosts a children’s Bible study once a week and does Bible Day Camps during the school holidays for sponsored children. When a child is sponsored the ministry takes an interest not only in the child, but the entire family. The mother or caregiver is welcome to attend our bible study, given opportunities for training and skill development and jobs, and we visit them regularly to encourage, pray, mentor, and assess the needs of the family.

What Does Sponsorship Cost?

The total cost for sponsorship is 650 USD per year. This can be paid monthly, or in full. Payments can be completed through our registered Non-profit organization Let’s Do Something Now so your sponsorship or donations are tax deductible.  

Who Can I sponsor?

In the community we work in the need is overwhelming. There are countless children who are unable to afford school. Each year we hope to add children to our sponsorship program, so please keep a look out for new opportunities for you to get involved on our sponors page.

Is there anything else I can do?

There is a range of other ways you can help, from the big to the small

  • Go to our shop and buy something from one of our moms

  • Pray for us

  • Sign up for our newsletter

  • Follow us on Social Media

  • Think of a fundraising idea in your local community

  • Come and visit us and see the work we do first hand

  • Support us to purchase a goat for a family

  • Support us to build toilets and sanitation facilities in the places our families live

  • Invite a representative of Let’s Do Something Now to share at you church or community event